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Customer Name: Mrs R Larkin.
I had reason to call and use your company on Tuesday 07/12/2010, your engineer by the name of Mr G. Lilloy came to my property. I would like to commend this engineer who painstakingly worked well above and beyond his call of duty. Would you please pass on my commendation to him and although i had let him know how much i appreciated his work at the time, I would like it to be made official. An excellent and competant engineer.

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Wasp Stings

Wasp stingsThe worst thing to do is to swat at a wasp. Keep your distance at all times. DO NOT DISTURB a wasps nest. Wasps will defend their nest and can attack in very large numbers!

Wasp Nest

A large wasp nest found in an atticIn the case of common wasps, normally the actual nest is not visible, it will just be a hole in the fascia or soffit board or shed wall etc... If you see multiple wasps in a certain area it is more than likely a nest is nearby.


The yellowjacket waspsThere are three different types of wasps which includes the paper wasp, the yellow jacket and the bald faced hornet. Yellow jackets are by far the most troublesome group. Paper wasps are much less defensive and rarely sting humans.