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Wasp Nest Removal

Able Wasp Nest Removal UK, are available 24/7* for the safe elimination of wasps in domestic and commercial properties. We have trained and experienced wasp controllers covering the length and breadth of the UK. Each of our local wasp experts deal with wasp nests safely and efficiently meaning disruption to your daily routine will be kept to a minimum.

We have a no call out charge policy and our prices are checked regularly with local competitors. We realise that, in large numbers, wasps can be very dangerous creatures. Due to the danger they pose we have local wasp controllers who can be at your property within 30-90 minutes seven days a week, 365 days a year!*

Wasps can be a extremely dangerous when disturbed so family and employees should be relocated to a safe distance from the problem area. Agitated wasps are much more likely to sting and with an increasing amount of people suffering from allergic reactions this really is a job best left to professionals.

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Wasp Stings

Wasp stingsThe worst thing to do is to swat at a wasp. Keep your distance at all times. DO NOT DISTURB a wasps nest. Wasps will defend their nest and can attack in very large numbers!

Wasp Nest

A large wasp nest found in an atticIn the case of common wasps, normally the actual nest is not visible, it will just be a hole in the fascia or soffit board or shed wall etc... If you see multiple wasps in a certain area it is more than likely a nest is nearby.


The yellowjacket waspsThere are three different types of wasps which includes the paper wasp, the yellow jacket and the bald faced hornet. Yellow jackets are by far the most troublesome group. Paper wasps are much less defensive and rarely sting humans.